Harsh-Duty Industrial Air Conditioners, Heating, Ventilation and Drinking Water

Industrial air conditioner for hazardous duty

Durable Machinery Company, LLC. designs and manufactures harsh-duty standardized products for severe industrial, marine and military conditions. DMC focuses on corrosive, dusty, hot, cold, humid, and hazardous (explosive) environments.

When the going gets tough, DMC keeps you going

DMC Air Conditioners on US Navy Ship Pathfinder

Harsh Industrial Environments

  • Full rated cooling at 131°F(55°C)
  • Resist clogging from dust and sand
  • Corrosion protection (316l stainless-steel cabinets, epoxy coating on components)
  • Mechanical controls, not electronic
  • Explosive/hazardous gases or dusts
  • Totally enclosed motors with stainless shafts
  • Cooling (or heating) at low ambient temperatures
  • Easy-to-repair without special parts or training
  • Full capacity at high altitudes
  • DMC air conditioners "greenest" under harsh conditions
industrial facility

Tough Standards from DMC:

DMC Designs and Builds for Tough Applications

  • Hot and dusty steel and aluminum plants.
  • Corrosive chemical and laboratory facilities.
  • Explosive and dusty grain elevators and coal mines.
  • Hazardous petroleum facilities--on and off shore.
  • Dusty mines, pay loaders and drag lines.
  • Recycling, waste processing and land fills.
  • Military facilities and vehicles in hot, cold and sandy areas.
  • Control centers in wood pulp and paper plants.
  • Cranes in nuclear power plants and dusty mills.
  • Explosives and chemical storage facilities and laboratories.
  • Tunnels and underground railroad systems.
  • Control rooms and panels near hot furnaces and boilers.
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