Standard and Hazardous-Duty Features of DMC Air Conditioners

Hazardous (Flammable and Explosive) Locations

DMC offers the most rugged hazardous-duty air conditioners. It designs and builds its units from scratch for both harsh duty and hazardous duty. Therefore, all its "explosion-proof" air conditioners meet the same high standards for extreme duty as its standard products.

If your equipment needs to be not only rugged but also safe ("explosion proof") for use in the presence of hazardous gases, dusts or flyings, click here


DMC standardizes its products to speed delivery and to enable us to offer products that can serve most tough applications without the delays and additional costs of making the additional features, options.

However, many applications need at least minor changes to the basic products — most commonly to the electrical configurations, to add heat, and to make them safe for hazardous areas. Therefore, DMC offers a number of options. Click here to go to Options page.

We acknowledge that many of our clients do not normally concern themselves with the types of problems that DMC builds products to solve. Consequently, they need help in identifying the problems, as well as in understanding the solutions. Therefore, we have set up this site with three key aspects:

If these standard features do not meet all of your requirements, DMC also offers a variety of additional options.

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DMC designs and builds all its air conditioners specifically for harsh conditions, whether intended for hazardous-duty or for non-explosive environments. As a result, all units have the following features to make them more durable and reliable than light-industrial and commercial-grade units in corrosive, dusty, humid, hot, cold, hazardous and other difficult environments: