Air Conditioners
for Hazardous / Explosion-Proof / Flameproof / Rugged Conditions

DMC manufacturers its heavy-weight industrial hazardous-duty air conditioners and ventilation systems for most hazardous classes, groups, divisions and zones. DMC builds all hazardous-area (explosion-proof) equipment to resist the same severe conditions as do its regular harsh-duty units: corrosive, dusty, hot (and cold), high altitiude, humid, vibrating and otherwise extreme-pressure long lives under tough conditions. DMC builds only industrial units--we do not modify lightweight residential or commercial units. All DMC's hazardous-duty products meet the same tough, extreme-duty standards as regular DMC equipment to ensure that they last longer and tolerate severe corrosion, dust, heat / cold, humidity, marine environments, and vibration better than modified lightweight equipment.

Applications for DMC harsh and hazardous duty units:

Gases - Flammable and Explosive

Coal, Coke and related Dusts

Metal Dusts such as Magnesium and Aluminum

Textile Fibers and Flyings

Other Hazardous Dusts such Grain, Flour, Wood, Plastic and Chemicals

Common Users

Alcohol and Extract Plants

Bakeries and Grain Elevators

Barges and Bulk-Cargo Ships

Chemical and Gas Plants

Ships, Civilian and Military

Coal and Coke Plants

Corn Processing and Ethanol Plants

Crane, Drag Line, and Shovel Cabins

Distilleries and Breweries Guard Booths and Towers

Dry-Cleaning and Dyeing Plants

Electric and Steam Plants

Emergency Vehicles

Explosives and Munitions Manufacturers

Fertilizer Plants

Laboratories and Hospital

Military Vehicles

Mines and Mining Vehicles Munitions Storage

Offshore Oil Terminals and Drilling Platforms

Oil Refineries

Paint Booths

Paper, Pulp and Plywood Plants

Ship Yards and Dry Docks

Steel and Aluminum Mills and Foundries

Tunnels and Underground Mines

Waste-Treatment and Sewer Plants, and Land Fills


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