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DMC offers distributors of industrial-products a line of HVAC equipment specifically designed to expand your existing offerings to established and prospective customers who have harsh conditions in their facilities. You can supply DMC harsh-duty air conditioners and related products to the same people who already count on you for equipment and supplies for their corrosive, dusty, hot, humid and hazardous (flammable/explosive) applications.

Specifically, DMC designs and builds harsh-duty air conditioners and other HVAC productsthat for many of the tough applications that ordinary HVAC units can not handle.

We design all DMC products for extreme environments. All contain the necessary features to handle corrosive, dusty, hot (and cold), humidand, when necessary, hazardous (explosive or flammable) conditions. We make no residential or commercial-grade products — only equipment designed for your clients' tough industrial, marine and military applications.

We offer three lines of air conditioners: through-the-wall (window), roof-mount, and ductless-split.

We also offer bottled-water coolers designed for hot, tough environments — even explosive! They are also designed specifically to meet ADA requirements for accessibility.

I. Standardization and Broad Applications of Products

DMC’s standardization of its harsh-duty air conditioners, bottled-water coolers, and other HVAC equipment allows distributors to offer their customers solutions that otherwise would have to be specially ordered from manufacturers.

By including all the features of corrosion resistance, tolerance of wide ranges of temperatures, ease of maintenance and rapid delivery, a distributor can stock or work with DMC products and know that their customers will be able to use them to satisfy a wide range of difficult needs,.

II. Products Not Offered By Other Manufacturers

DMC lines do not compete directly with those of other HVAC manufacturers. Although others can offer individual special features and functions similar to those of DMC’s equipment (usually as options, or with products modified in the after-market) only DMC offers distributors entire lines specifically designed for the tough conditions found in extreme environments — from steel plants to desert guard booths, oil refineries to work boats, laboratories to motor vehicle tunnels.

DMC’s approach calls for incorporating all necessary harsh-duty features into standard products so that “one size fits all”. We do that because, by producing the same products repeatedly, we gain the economies of scale that enable us to offer top quality and unusual features at an economical price, and quickly.

III. DMC Specifically Structured Itself to Work with Distributors

Much of DMC’s research and development focused on designing lines of products to help distributors broaden their offerings to better serve the occasional special environmental cooling and heating needs of their toughest clients, particularly with products that will remain “green” even after alternative products would have corroded into inefficiency.

Since DMC designs its units specifically for durability and operations under extreme conditions, they retain their energy efficiency under such conditions. DMC air conditioners are the “greenest” under harsh conditions.

Reminder about “Explosion-Proofing”

Even when DMC adapts its units for flammable and explosive environments, they retain all their other harsh-duty advantages and durability. Therefore, they afford a far better return on investment than do residential or commercial units modified for hazardous locations. In addition, DMC makes a special priority the development and production of robust Division/Zone 1 air conditioners, with and without heat.